You must have completed high school to obtain approval/eligibility for playing in the college leagues. If you are already studying at a university, it is possible to transfer your credits. To be eligible for a scholarship you have to pay attention to the special regulations regarding maximum age and the number of completed semesters. In Division 1, there is a maximum age of 25 years. In Division 2 and NAIA there is no maximum age. In all leagues, you must study a total of 8 full-time semesters. So if one studies, for example, 4 full-time semesters, whether in Europe or in the US, you still have 4 semesters to study and compete for a college or university. The NCAA reviews the eligibility of each athlete in the NCAA divisions. It will provide the athletes with a license, without which they are not allowed to compete in the NCAA I or II. The factors that determine whether a player gets eligible or not, are SAT and TOEFL results as well as the final grades in high school. In addition, the NCAA checks whether an athlete has “amateur” status in accordance with its regulations. For deciding eligibility of an athlete, the NCAA Clearinghouse is the final authority.

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