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Earl Swift

Posi­tion at Scho­l­ar­book:


With the company since:

February 2021

Athletic back­ground / Achie­ve­ments:

Started playing basket­ball at the age of 3

Former Adrian College Basket­ball player

Former All League, All Confe­rence, Hono­r­able Mention All-state for the State of Michigan High School Basket­ball Asso­cia­tion

Current State Cham­pion Varsity Basket­ball Coach for South­field Chris­tian High School

College sports means to me:

Born and raised:)

Colle­ge­sport in den USA bedeutet für mich:

“College sport means ever­ything to me. It’s where you build rela­ti­ons­hips that allow you to be set for the future. You learn what it means to compete, how to be a great team­mate, how rewar­ding hard work is, while also main­tai­ning solid grades.”



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