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Katha­rina Keilich

Posi­tion at Scho­l­ar­book:

Athlete manager golf

With the company since:

Oktober 2019

Athletic back­ground:

Pro golf player since June 2019
2018 Divi­sion II Team National Cham­pion (Univer­sity of India­na­polis)
2018 Divi­sion II Indi­vi­dual National Cham­pion
2016 GLVC Player of the Year
2016 GLVC Freshman of the Year
2016 T5 Divi­sion II National Cham­pionship
8 Tour­na­ment Wins
4x All-GLVC
4x All-Super Region

Expe­ri­ence in the USA:

“I decided to study in the USA with a golf scho­l­ar­ship in 2015, as this was the best way for me to combine my passion and a good educa­tion. From an early stage, it was clear to me that I would even­tually go on to become a profes­sional golfer. To study in the USA first was the best way to secure my future. In addi­tion, the expe­ri­ence in the USA was priceless, not only in sports, but also perso­nally. The expe­ri­ences I was allowed to make and the people I met during my time there will accom­pany me posi­tively for the rest of my life. I would make the same decision again and again.”

College sport means to me:

passion, team spirit, family

Contacts: E-Mail / Mobile

katharina@scholarbook.net / +49 162 7557899

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