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Nico Sürig

Posi­tion at Scho­l­ar­book:

General Manager

With the company since:


Focal points:

Control­ling, project manage­ment, personnel plan­ning,
Expert Regu­la­tions College Sports Asso­cia­tion

Expe­ri­ence in the USA

“During my time with Scho­l­ar­book, I have already visited over 100 univer­si­ties in the USA and have let the trai­ners give me an impres­sion of the way they work, the finan­cial support they offer, and to see the condi­tions on-site first­hand. Through my expe­ri­ence and my studies in Germany, I am able to compare the athletic, academic and personal deve­lo­p­ment oppor­tu­nities in Germany and the USA and to give you the best possible advice.”

Mein most beau­tiful moment at Scho­l­ar­book:

“The most beau­tiful moment of the year is when the athletes give us feed­back after their first weeks in the USA and tell us with a twinkle in their eyes how great it is at their univer­sity and how profes­sional the condi­tions are.”

Akade­mi­scher Werde­gang:

2012 – 2016 Bachelor of Science Univer­sity of Pader­born

Contacts: E-Mail / Mobile

nico@scholarbook.net / +4917634491842

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