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Pavlina Nepo­ko­jova

Posi­tion at Scho­l­ar­book:

Manager Czech Repu­blic and Slovakia

With the company since:


Athletic back­ground:

Czech national team, Murray State Univer­sity, Seacoast United, AC Sparta Prague

Expe­ri­ence in the USA:

“I had a great expe­ri­ence as a student-athlete at Murray State univer­sity. The condi­tions there for athletes are amazing and it helped me to improve as a soccer player so I could continue playing at a profes­sional level after­wards. Living in the US as a foreigner was a great oppor­tu­nity for me because I learned to live outside of my comfort zone while gaining valu­able expe­ri­ence. During my time there, I created lifelong friendships from around the world and made a lot of memo­ries that I will never forget.”

College sports means to me:

“Colle­giate sports offer great oppor­tu­nities for how to improve as an athlete and as a person as well. It’s a unique envi­ron­ment where you can gain memo­r­able expe­ri­ences.”

Contacts: E-Mail / Mobile

pavlina@scholarbook.net / +420 733 202 537

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