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Simon Stützel

Posi­tion at Scho­l­ar­book:

Founder, Mana­ging Partner, Head of Sales

With the company since:


Focal points:

Stra­tegic plan­ning, busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment, sales

Athletic back­ground:

Track and Field, 1500m up to the mara­thon

Biggest achie­ve­ments:

7-time NCAA CHam­pions­hips quau­li­fier
3-times Top 8 at NCAA D2 Cham­pions­hips
2nd Place German Cham­pions­hips in 2013, 5000m
4th Place German Cham­pions­hips in 2014, 5000m
Winner JP Morgan Chase Frank­furt (70.000 parti­ci­pants), 2014
German Cham­pion 10k Team in 2015
4-time Baden Mara­thon Winner, 2015-2018
German Cham­pion Mara­thon Team, 2016
4th place German Cham­pions­hips, Half Mara­thon, 2016
2nd place JP Morgan Chase Frank­furt (70.000 parti­ci­pants), 2018
World Cham­pions­hips Quali­fier 2020, Half mara­thon

Expe­ri­ence in the USA:

MBA at the Queens Univer­sity in Char­lotte, North Caro­lina

College sport means to me:

“The best time of my life! During my time in the USA, I have deve­loped so much more than I could have ever dreamed of.”

My most memo­r­able moment at Scho­l­ar­book:

“When we met Charles Grethen, a former client of ours, in the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro and he told us that without Scho­l­ar­book he would have never made it to the Olympic Games.”

Academic career:

Bachelor degree 2006-2009 in Mann­heim
Master of Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion, 2009-2011, Univer­sity of North Caro­lina at Char­lotte

Contacts: E-Mail / Mobile

simon@scholarbook.net / +49 178 6087584

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