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Susanne Müller-Seidel

Posi­tion at Scho­l­ar­book:

Team lead

With the company since:


Focal points:

Quality manage­ment internal processes, trai­ning athlete mana­gers

Athletic back­ground:

“As the daughter of a sports and swim­ming inst­ructor, I swam in a club from an early age until I started my studies. Even today, sport is still an important part of my free time. I love ever­ything that has to do with water and boards; swim­ming, surfing, wake­boar­ding, snow­boar­ding.”

Most memo­r­able moment at Scho­l­ar­book:

“I am always very happy when I meet my athletes in person. For example at the German Swim­ming Cham­pions­hips in Berlin. Here I’ve learned from the athletes, as well as their parents, about how things are going in the USA; we exchange ideas and take pictures. It’s so great to be able to continue to follow the indi­vi­dual paths of our athletes even after their place­ment.”

Expe­ri­ence in the USA:

“I do not have direct college expe­ri­ence in the USA. But I have studied abroad (Holland and Australia). Due to my many years of work at Scho­l­ar­book and the active contacts to former Scho­l­ar­book athletes and coaches, I am very fami­liar with the daily routine, the chal­lenges and the bene­fits of college life.”

Contacts: E-Mail / Mobile

susanne@scholarbook.net / +49 721 61930151

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