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Equestrian is a tradi­tion in the USA. Not because of the cowboys, but because of the colleges. Since 1998 the sport has been regis­tered with the NCAA, the gover­ning body of all US college sports, as an “emer­ging sport”. With that said, the sport should grow slowly until it can finally be accepted as a full member of the NCAA family. Nevertheless, even the US tele­vi­sion network NBC reports on the biggest meets.
The most important thing for you: Sports scho­l­ar­s­hips are awarded for equestrian and enable you to combine your sport and your academic career at the highest level.

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How many scho­l­ar­s­hips are there?

As of now, 23 univer­si­ties have an equestrian team and offer up to 15 full scho­l­ar­s­hips per team.
In addi­tion, the schools provides horses and equip­ment to their riders.

How is the trai­ning and the season struc­tured in the USA?

Usually five riders from the univer­sity team compete against another team. On the day of the compe­ti­tion, pairs will be put toge­ther with one rider per univer­sity. They then have to compete against each other on the same horse drawn by lots in one of the following disci­plines:

  • Dres­sage: As in Germany, the riders must show a precise and harmo­nious harmony when carrying out the lessons. However, the horse is drawn to the rider.
  • Show jumping: In this disci­pline, riders have to over­come a course of eight to ten obsta­cles with their horse.
  • Horse­m­anship: Here the horse and rider show diffe­rent lessons in diffe­rent gaits of the horse according to a certain pattern.
  • Reining: Reining is similar to horse­m­anship, only there are addi­tional tasks such as “spins” (360 degree rota­tions on the horse’s hind­quar­ters) and “sliding stops” (stop­ping the horse from gallo­ping and sliding the hind­quar­ters under) added.

The riding season at the univer­si­ties takes place between September and November and between January and March. Depen­ding on how well your team does in both periods, the season conti­nues with playoff-like compe­ti­tions to choose the national cham­pion. In the USA there are almost exclu­si­vely so-called “dual meets”, where two univer­si­ties compete against each other.


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Requi­re­ments for your equestrian scho­l­ar­ship

In order to qualify for a sports scho­l­ar­ship in the USA, you don’t necessa­rily have to be a German cham­pion. Nevertheless, you should have already parti­ci­pated in German cham­pions­hips and show deve­lo­p­ment poten­tial. We can better fore­cast your chances for a sports scho­l­ar­ship if you fill out our non-binding assess­ment of oppor­tu­nities.

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