Soccer is on the rise in the USA! More and more talent is coming from the country where American football, basket­ball or base­ball domi­nates.

The level of play is rising and so is the chance for German talents to get to the next level in the USA.

There are many diffe­rent reasons why soccer players apply for a scho­l­ar­ship in the USA. With over 1,000 univer­si­ties in the USA, the possi­bi­li­ties are endless. No matter what is your inten­tion, Scho­l­ar­book, the number 1 for soccer scho­l­ar­s­hips, will help you find your dream univer­sity.

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Up to 600 univer­si­ties in America offer soccer scho­l­ar­s­hips to inter­na­tional soccer players to repre­sent the respec­tive univer­si­ties on the pitch. Next to finan­cial and athletic oppor­tu­nities they offer a inter­na­tio­nally reco­gnized academic degree.



Univer­si­ties with soccer teams:

  • NCAA D1: 205
  • NCAA D2: 214
  • NAIA: 188
  • NJCCA: 217

Full scho­l­ar­s­hips per team

  • NCAA D1: 9.9
  • NCAA D2: 9
  • NAIA: 12
  • NJCCA: 18


Many Euro­pean top clubs travel to the USA in order to prepare for the new season. The popu­la­rity of the sport of soccer is incre­a­sing and so is the profes­sio­na­liz­a­tion of soccer at colleges in the United States. Curr­ently, condi­tions in many univer­sity teams are similar to those in men’s pro teams.

The coaches are employed full-time and there­fore are dedi­cate their entire work day to the team’s success and the needs of their players. In the Regular Season, prac­tice takes place daily; in the Pre-Season, and espe­cially during the prepa­ra­tory phase, the team trains twice a day.

To ensure that your body is prepared for this inten­sity in the best possible way, trained physio­the­ra­pists take care of the team. In addi­tion, nume­rous trai­ning grounds, weight rooms and fitness trai­ners ensure that you get in the best shape possible.

Since soccer has become a very important sport, the colleges open their doors even before the actual semester begins. As a reco­gnized college athlete, you can use all the advan­tages such as campus apart­ments, cafe­teria or trai­ning rooms even outside the lecture period.


The season runs from early September to November. You have daily prac­tice and often two games a week. Depen­ding on how far you get in the play­offs, the season can go until the National Cham­pionship games conclude the season in december.

Spring consists of the off-season, in which you mainly parti­ci­pate in tour­na­ments or friendly matches against higher class teams, such as teams from the MLS, the highest profes­sional soccer league in the United States. In the future, however, this could change, so that the univer­si­ties will play a full season in Fall and spring.

An inter­na­tio­nally assem­bled team, hotel accom­mo­da­tion on outbound trips and even travel­ling by plane confirm that condi­tions in college soccer are simi­liar to the the condi­tions of euro­pean pro clubs and a great oppor­tu­nity to prepare for the life as a pro soccer player after gradua­ting from college.


  • In the second half, coaches are allowed to swith players as often as they want. Players may get back on the pitch even after they have been substi­tuted. This has the advan­tage that A) the players can rest for a few minutes and B) all players can see enough minutes on the pitch.
  • If there is a tie after 90 minutes, there is an exten­sion (2 x 10 min), which can be decided by a golden goal.
  • There is no extra time. In college football, like in American sports, the clock counts down to zero.


Soccer Show­case

Why “inter­ac­tive”?

The presence of US college coaches is the icing on the cake during our show­case events. The trai­nings are the only chance for you and the coaches to have personal contact before signing the soccer scho­l­ar­ship.

At the moment it is unfor­tu­n­a­tely not possible for the coaches to travel to Germany. In order to not only collect video mate­rial during our events, but also to enable contact to the coaches, we have comple­tely digi­ta­lized the show­case for the coaches.

We provide the coaches in the USA with a live stream of the trai­ning. This way the coaches have much less effort to evaluate your talent. For this reason we can now invite not only 20-30 but up to 100 coaches. Also the discus­sions with the coaches after the soccer part of the day will be kept and will be done via video-call.

So you can also receive concrete offers from the USA during our inter­ac­tive trai­ning! 

What can you expect?

Next dates:

  • October 12th 2020, Sport­schule Wedau, Duis­burg
  • Mid December 2020, Wolfs­burg




Melvin Wulff

Herren-Fuss­­ball | Coastal Bend College

My first impres­sions here were very good. I was welcomed very well by the coaches and the team became a team very quickly. The trai­ning is very tough and the coaches point out every little mistake in us to make better players. The campus is rela­tively small but tech­ni­cally very well equipped. I learned the English language very quickly, which means that I can follow the lectures very well. I found the coope­ra­tion with you very good. You were always ready to answer ques­tions and helped me a lot to prepare for the USA.

Simon Gubisch

Herren-Fuss­­ball | Lynn Univer­sity

“After comple­ting my bachelor’s degree in Germany, I wanted to combine my master’s degree with a stay abroad. When I heard about the possi­bi­lity of a sports scho­l­ar­ship, of course I didn’t want to miss this oppor­tu­nity. I was given the chance to combine my passion, in this case football, with the next step in my studies and also receive finan­cial support. A few months later the dream became a reality and now I’ve arrived in the new world – it’s like in a movie. Scho­l­ar­book helped me to make this dream come true within a very short time – thank you!”

Kerst Lehmann

Herren-Fuss­­ball | Lynn Univer­sity

“The main reason why I wanted to continue my studies in the USA was because I had heard so many good things about it and the combi­na­tion of studying and compe­ti­tive sports at German univer­si­ties was more than in need of impro­ve­ment. When my decision was made, it was only a matter of making the right choice in which envi­ron­ment I could feel comfor­table. Scho­l­ar­book put me on the right track and actively supported me in finding the right univer­sity. I can only recom­mend ever­yone to dare to take this step to escape the dreary ever­yday German univer­sity life!”

Philipp Hollen­horst

Herren-Fuss­­ball | Catawba College

“I’m feeling really good! So far I like it very much. The season starts on Thursday and it looks like I’ll be playing too. I get along quite well with the lectures. I think my coaches are very good. I think that he offers very good trai­ning, works very well tacti­cally and also talks to the players and ever­yone knows what to do and what his stan­ding is like and what needs to be done better.

I can defi­ni­tely recom­mend the univer­sity! The loca­tions are pretty good. The pitches are excel­lent, espe­cially for soccer.”


for a soccer scho­l­ar­ship
There are almost 600 univer­si­ties in the USA offe­ring sports scho­l­ar­s­hips in soccer. Since Europe is known for its excel­lent teaching of the funda­men­tals in soccer, Euro­pean soccer players enjoying a remar­kable repu­ta­tion among American college coaches and there­fore have a very good chance of recei­ving a high soccer scho­l­ar­ship. The playing level in college varies! Some of the team’s could compete with Euro­pean 2nd or 3rd divi­sion pro clubs. Lower-level college teams would play a good role in lower-level amateur divi­sions, but still award high scho­l­ar­s­hips and offer a great envi­ron­ment to develop.

Nico Noll, one of our Scho­l­ar­book players, came from a lower level amateur league in Germany and described himself  as “the smal­lest number” in his team. Nevertheless, he became a star­ting player at Carson Newman Univer­sity on a sports scho­l­ar­ship and was able to help his team reach the final of the NCAA Divi­sion 2 National Cham­pionship.

The following over­view explains in more detail what kind of scho­l­ar­ship you could get awarded. The percen­tages refer to the costs you would receive from your scho­l­ar­ship.

100% e.g. means that the univer­sity covers all costs. This is not only limited to the tuition fees, but also to all other costs such as insurance, housing, food, medical care, books for your courses and much more.


4th division and higher90 – 100%
5th division80 – 100%
6th division70 – 90%
7th division60 – 80%
8th division50 – 70%
1st division90 – 100%
2nd division70 – 90%
3rd – 5th division60 – 70%
6th division50 – 70%

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