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Are you always on the hunt for new titles, best perfor­mances or records? Then you are exactly right here. We not only help you to get a sports scho­l­ar­ship in the USA, but also want to prepare you athle­ti­cally and acade­mi­cally perfectly for the requi­re­ments of trai­ners and univer­si­ties and increase your chances of a full scho­l­ar­ship.


Whether TOEFL, SAT or GMAT, our expe­ri­enced language teachers will give you all the tools for top results in the required tests


American coaches attach great impor­t­ance to the athle­ti­cism of an athlete. With this program you will become a model trainer!


Do you dream of gradua­ting from the best univer­si­ties in the world? With our program we push you into the elite!


After having placed over 2,000 athletes, we know that many young athletes have a consi­derable respect for the English language and are concerned about meeting the requi­re­ments of univer­si­ties. We will there­fore not leave you alone and offer you profes­sional language courses in test prepa­ra­tion for the TOEFL, SAT / ACT and GMAT / GRE. Let’s take this hurdle toge­ther!

Why are the tests so important?


The SAT test in parti­cular has a direct influ­ence on an academic scho­l­ar­ship. You can get up to $ 20,000 for excep­tio­nally good results.


College teams only have a limited number of athletic scho­l­ar­s­hips avail­able. For this reason, U.S. coaches look out for athletes with good academic perfor­mance as they qualify for a higher amount of academic scho­l­ar­s­hips.


Espe­cially elite univer­si­ties like Harvard, Princeton or Yale have very high demands on their appli­cants. If you want to go to one of these univer­si­ties, you have to achieve great results on the tests as well.


We are very proud of our current test prepa­ra­tion. After instal­ling the new system, our athletes were able to improve by an average of 15% in the tests. That diffe­rence can make the diffe­rence between thousands of dollars in an athletic scho­l­ar­ship or accep­t­ance to an elite univer­sity.
When prepa­ring our athletes, we rely on indi­vi­dual support with a deter­mi­na­tion of the status quo. This indi­vi­dual support has the advan­tage that, compared to prepa­ra­tion with lear­ning books or group courses, you learn very inter­ac­tively and can parti­ally simu­late the real test situa­tion. In addi­tion, we have the chance to promote every athlete indi­vi­du­ally and on the basis of their current perfor­mance.

We offer:

  • 1:1 teaching units of 45 min
  • Perfor­mance analysis at the start of prepa­ra­tion
  • Prepa­ra­tion stra­tegy for supple­men­ta­tion outside the units


Our top prio­rity is to advise our custo­mers compre­hen­si­vely at the highest level. After 10 years in the place­ment of athletes in the US, we come to the conclu­sion that college sports have a higher focus on athletic aspects. When it comes to team sports such as soccer, Euro­pean talents are often left behind when they start their careers in college.
With this know­ledge, we have worked inten­si­vely to create a program for you that will also prepare you athle­ti­cally for sport in the USA and increase your chances of recei­ving a scho­l­ar­ship at a top univer­sity.


Since November 2019 we have been working with graduate sports scien­tist Kevin Speer, who works speci­fi­cally with compe­ti­tive athletes on their athletic abili­ties as part of his “Deve­lo­p­Ath­letes” project. Whether strength, speed or coor­di­na­tion, Kevin will help you to get to the next level. He has years of expe­ri­ence working with athletes in a wide variety of sports and was himself a Strength & Condi­tio­ning Coach at the Univer­sity of Florida. In addi­tion, he has prepared athletes such as Alex­ander Ehrens­berger and Fabian Weitz for their NCAA D1 careers in American football.


  • Indi­vi­dual trai­ning program Online and personal trai­ning
  • Period: 6 months
  • Included:
    • Trai­ning plan (specific strength, coor­di­na­tion, speed)
    • Nutri­tion plan
    • Injury prophy­laxis
    • Perfor­mance diagnostics at the start and end of the program
    • Online support + queries by phone
    • Personal trai­ning in Cologne (optional)
  • In addi­tion to the 6-month trai­ning program, we also offer trial months with Deve­lo­p­Ath­letes!


Do you have what it takes to study at the best univer­si­ties in the world? Ivy League univer­si­ties like Harvard Univer­sity or Princeton Univer­sity are the ulti­mate. A degree from one of these schools not only guaran­tees the best condi­tions for a successful profes­sional career and a huge network of successful univer­sity alumni, but also offers you a very special expe­ri­ence on campus and in the sports team.
In the past, some Scho­l­ar­book athletes have enjoyed this unique oppor­tu­nity. (Table elite students)
UniversityWorld Ranking (2015)Scholarbook ClientWebsite
MIT1Leandra Zimmermann,
Harvard4Lars Lorch,
Princeton9Inka Busack,
Columbia14Alexander Bangerl,
Johns Hopkins14Felicia Körner,
Duke25Alexander Matlari,
California, Berkeley27Amina Wolf,
UCLA37Jessie Maduka,


This program is aimed at athletes who, in addi­tion to strong perfor­mance in sport, are also outstan­ding in the class­room and who have the abso­lute will to go the extra mile and want to study at an elite univer­sity.

If you feel addressed, we would like to fully support you with this program and “push” you until you hold the letter of accep­t­ance from an elite univer­sity in your hands.


  • Proces­sing of 3 appli­ca­tions to elite univer­si­ties
  • Comple­ting the grant appli­ca­tions
  • Prepa­ra­tion for appli­cant inter­view
  • Correc­tion of the letter of moti­va­tion
  • 14 units of language trai­ning for test prepa­ra­tion
  • Current version of the SAT Study Guide
  • Contact to Scholarbook’s alumni at elite univer­si­ties