Your scholarship in the USA

Horse riding is a tradi¬≠tion in the USA. Not because of the cowboys, but because of the colleges. Since 1998 the sport has been regis¬≠tered with the orga¬≠ni¬≠zing body of the US college sport NCAA as an ‚Äúemer¬≠ging sport‚ÄĚ. That said, the sport should grow slowly until it can finally be accepted as a full member of the NCAA family. Nevertheless, the US tele¬≠vi¬≠sion station NBC has even reported on the compe¬≠ti¬≠tions. For you, all of this means one thing above all else: There are also scho¬≠l¬≠ar¬≠s¬≠hips in horse riding, with which you can perfectly combine studies with sport.



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avail­able full scho­l­ar­s­hips for college equestrians

Equestrian in the USA

How many scholarships are there?

There are now 23 colleges that offer this sport and award up to 15 sports scho­l­ar­s­hips per team. Horses and equip­ment are made avail­able to the riders through the sports scho­l­ar­ship. Your own riding equip­ment is only required for tour­na­ments.

How is the training in the USA structured?

Usually five riders from the univer­sity team compete against another team. On the day of the compe­ti­tion, pairs will be put toge­ther with one rider per univer­sity. They then have to compete against each other on the same horse drawn by lots in one of the following disci­plines:

    • Dres¬≠sage: As in Germany, the riders must show a precise and harmo¬≠nious harmony when carrying out the lessons. However, the horse is drawn to the rider.
    • Show jumping: In this disci¬≠pline, riders have to over¬≠come a course of eight to ten obsta¬≠cles with their horse.
    • Horse¬≠m¬≠anship: Here the horse and rider show diffe¬≠rent lessons in diffe¬≠rent gaits of the horse according to a certain pattern.
    • Reining:Reining is similar to horse¬≠m¬≠anship, only there are addi¬≠tional tasks such as ‚Äúspins‚ÄĚ (360 degree rota¬≠tions on the horse‚Äôs hind¬≠quar¬≠ters) and ‚Äúsliding stops‚ÄĚ (stop¬≠ping the horse from gallo¬≠ping and sliding the hind¬≠quar¬≠ters under) added.

What does a season at college look like?

The riding season at the univer¬≠si¬≠ties takes place between September and November and between January and March. Depen¬≠ding on how well your team does in both periods, the season conti¬≠nues with playoff-like compe¬≠ti¬≠tions to choose the national cham¬≠pion. In the USA there are almost exclu¬≠si¬≠vely so-called ‚Äúdual meets‚ÄĚ, where two univer¬≠si¬≠ties compete against each other.


Requirements for your scholarship

In order to qualify for a sports scho­l­ar­ship in the USA, you don’t necessa­rily have to be a German cham­pion. Nevertheless, you should have already parti­ci­pated in German cham­pions­hips and show deve­lo­p­ment poten­tial. We can better fore­cast your chances for a sports scho­l­ar­ship if you fill out our non-binding assess­ment of oppor­tu­nities.

Your chance assessment