Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Your scholarship in the USA

Ice hockey has a huge place in American sports culture. If you want to make the leap to the profes­sio­nals, you’ve defi­ni­tely come to the right place! Here the future NHL super­stars play in front of several thousand spec­ta­tors.
But even smaller univer­si­ties offer high-quality sport and enable you to complete a great degree.

More than 300 former college athletes played in the 2017-2018 NHL season and the numbers are incre­a­sing every year.

Hockey stars like Jack Eichel, Charlie McAvoy, Brock Boeser, Quinn Hughes, Johnny Gudreau and many more played hockey in college before they became NHL stars.

Even a few German players are or were compe­ting at a college in the US. That includes German national team players Parker Tuomie, Marc Michaelis, and Julian Napravnik, among many others.

Ice Hockey in the USA

How many scholarships are there?

Ice hockey is only promoted in the NCAA D1 with athletic scho­l­ar­s­hips at college. The level of perfor­mance in the NCAA D1 is extre­mely high.

Univer­si­ties with ice hockey teams:

  • NCAA D1: 61 men and women
  • NCAA D3: 74 men and women
  • ACHA D1: 70 men and women
  • ACHA D2: 200 men and women
  • ACHA D3: 140 men and women

How is the training in the USA structured?

In the USA, trai­ning is usually done at noon. Before that, you have attended all of your lectures and then go on the ice after a warm-up. The units vary from 45 minutes for a pre-game skate to 1.5 or some­times 2 hours of trai­ning. After­wards, a strength unit with a fitness trainer is completed several times a week. Due to the high load, the athletes have excel­lent condi­tions for physio­the­ra­pists, chiro­prac­tors and medical profes­sio­nals. They also have access to all rege­ne­ra­tion faci­li­ties that meet the highest stan­dards.

What does a season at college look like?

The season begins with the start of trai­ning in the case of semes­ters. Most of the time, the athletes arrive a little earlier and hit the ice toge­ther. There are always between 4-6 prepa­ra­tion games and then the season starts with games in the first week of October. In total, you have around 34 games in the USA and then the cham­pions are played in a tour­na­ment format, first in the respec­tive confe­rence and then on a national level. So it can be that you have up to 42 games.

Ice Hockey

Requirements for your scholarship

Ice hockey is more important in the USA than in Germany. The market for poten­tial talent for coaches is corre­spon­dingly larger. In order to receive a spor­ting scho­l­ar­ship you should play in the highest league for your age. In addi­tion, you should already have been part of a selec­tion or even the national team. But also for athletes who have not played in the top league, it is possible to receive a scho­l­ar­ship at a univer­sity in the USA. Here, a “detour” is made via a univer­sity, where the player can develop and is intro­duced to the American game system. After that, it is possible to switch to a univer­sity where you can also receive spor­ting funding for ice hockey.

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