Your scholarship in the USA

One of the most exci­ting sports event every year is the Iron Man on Hawaii. Every October 1,800 athletes plunge into the cold Pacific water, swim 3.86 kilo­me­ters, then get on their bikes for 180.2 kilo­me­ters and run a mara­thon to conclude the race. The winner can call himself one of the most persis­tent and toughest athletes on earth.
But in the mother­land of triathlon there is also a lot going on in college. The triathlon is beco­ming more and more popular at univer­si­ties. Mainly because of the perfect trai­ning condi­tions.

The college distance:

  • 1500m swim­ming
  • 40km cycling
  • 10km running







Triathlon in the USA

How many scholarships are there?

Triathlon is offi­cially ranked as an emer­ging sports by the NCAA. There­fore, the sports is on its way to be a fully supported sport. Curr­ently, there are a few college teams, that are completed by club teams.

Univer­si­ties with triathlon teams:

  • Men: 3
  • Women: 25

Full scho­l­ar­s­hips per team:

  • Men: 0
  • women: 4,5

How is the training in the USA structured?

Typi­cally, college teams train five times a week for two hours each. Most of the time, the pools, the athle­tics stadium and the weight rooms are right on campus. This way you save a lot of time and have more time to recover. Even if you are part of the Track and Field team, you can pursue your triathlon career. We know from expe­ri­ence that the running coaches are very tole­rant when it comes to triathlon work­outs and support you in achie­ving your goals.
There is a clear advan­tage espe­cially when trai­ning in the warmer regions such as Florida, Cali­fornia and Arizona, because you can train there all year round in perfect condi­tions.

What does a season at college look like?

Most triath­letes train and compete as part of the university’s Track and Field team. For this reason, as a triath­lete you compete almost all year round. The cross-country season from August to October, which prima­rily focuses on basic endu­rance, the short indoor season in January and February and the outdoor season from March to May. The national triathlon cham­pions­hips also take place in the spring semester.


Requirements for your scholarship

In order to get a sports scho­l­ar­ship in one of the few college triathlon teams, you should be on e of the best athletes of your country. However, due to the limited number of places in the teams, a triathlon scho­l­ar­ship is not guaran­teed.
You have better offers and more choices if you decide to become part of a Track and Field team. Here you have excel­lent chances of getting a high scho­l­ar­ship. You can get addi­tional scho­l­ar­ship money with the following times:


  • 5000m: 15:00 – 15:45 min
  • 10000m: 32:00 – 33:30 min


  • 5000m: 17:30 – 20:00 min
  • 10000m: 38:00 – 41:00 min

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