Your scholarship in the USA

Volley­ball at college in the USA – that is some­thing special!
Due to the incom­pa­rable funding system, the level in volley­ball is very high. Espe­cially on the women’s side, talents from all over the world play in the teams of the univer­si­ties and are able to get on the next level.
At the regional and national level, you can be sure to play in front of big crowds. Moreover, the team spirit will be some­thing special and pushes you to the max.
You will see: college volley­ball is a very special expe­ri­ence!


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National cham­pions in the USA


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Volleyball in the USA

How many scholarships are there?

In the United States, volley­ball is mostly offered to women, espe­cially in high school. This is the reason why there is such a large discrepancy in the number of men’s and women’s teams.

Univer­si­ties with volley­ball teams:

  • Men: 43
  • Women: 852

Full scho­l­ar­s­hips per team: 20

  • Men: 4,5
  • Women: 12

How is the training in the USA structured?

Prac­tice takes place on a daily basis. In addi­tion to the work­outs on the court, specific strength and endu­rance work­outs are inte­grated into the sche­dule, which makes the trai­ning very inten­sive and some­times a bit more deman­ding than you may be used to. However, we will make sure that the trai­ning regime of your US team will suit you. Due to our constant contact with the volley­ball trai­ners, we know the strengths and weak­nesses of the volley­ball programs.

What does a season at college look like?

The women’s season begins with the start of the fall semester in August and is there­fore iden­tical to the season in Europe. The men, on the other hand, do not start their season until spring. The high­light of both seasons are the national cham­pions­hips, which are played in playoff mode in December (women) and May (men).
The games are some­thing very special. The atmo­s­phere in the arena is gigantic due to the fully occu­pied stands. In addi­tion, tele­vi­sion often broad­casts live.


Requirements for your scholarship

The level of compe­ti­tion in college volley­ball is high. Female players should have played in one of the Top 3 divi­sions in their respec­tive home country. In order to attract big schools, however, appearances at the highest level would be a decisive advan­tage. Male players should play in one of the highest divi­sions as well. However, coaches often choose their athletes based on the poten­tial adn the video footage. There­fore, it is possible to get a sports scho­l­ar­ship if you do not meet the above criteria yet. To get an accu­rate assess­ment of your chances, you should simply fill out our chance assess­ment.

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