Susanne Müller-Seidel
Director of Client Experience
Admin, Athlete Managers, Admission Experts, HR
Emelie Kobler
Women`s Soccer Recruiting
Uwe Katzmarek
Team Lead Track & Field & Endurance
Timothy Elliott
Head of Strategic Partnerships & Student Recruitment
Tim Lucas Vercelli
Athlete Manager/Placer
Tim Hoffmann
Junior Athlete Manager
Thomas Bojanowski
Founder and Managing Director - HR Focus
Till Trippner
Athlete Manager
Théo Le Calvé
Head of France
Thomas Petrich
Sales Agent Switzerland
Swets Chandak
Administration and back office
Regina Salinas
Athlete Manager
Svenja Ojstersek
Athlete Manager
Susanne Müller-Seidel
Director of Client Experience
Simone Baier
HR Support
Sercan Cihan
Athlete Manager
Simon Stützel
Founder and Managing Director / Head of Sales
Robin Jorch
Athlete Manager
Sarah Hofmeier
Sales Funnel & Performance Marketing Managerin
Philipp Baar
Head of Track & Field and Endurance
Pierre Galbourdin
Athlete Manager & Recruiter France
Pauline Meyer
Athlete Manager Track & Field
Pavlina Nepokojova
Sales Czech Republic / Athlete Manager
Patrick Piechaczek
Content Creator
Nienke Oerlemans
Field Hockey Expert
Patricia Brossmann
Athlete Manager Aquatic and Olympic Sports
Oscar Mitchell
Head of Placement Men's Soccer
Nico Sürig
Nele Mattner
Athlete Manager+Placer Golf
Naira Tchintcharauli
Manager Registration
Maxi Roth
Team Lead Racket and Balls, Athlete Manager Golf
Marietta Spannowsky
Future Champs - Organization
Matthew Jackson
Placement manager and soccer analyst
Marlon Grossmann
Men's Soccer Recruiter
Marie Seeger
Researcher Women's Soccer
Marlon Buck
Head of Business Development & Sales Soccer
Marie Berghaus
Athlete Manager
Margaux Verger Gourson
Recruiter Swimming, Admissions Expert
Lukas Englich
Manager Registration
Madlen Kappeler
Athlete Manager Track (Endurance)
Marah Tayeh
Lindiwe Magwaca
Admission Expert
Luisa Boschan
Athlete Manager T&F and Endurance Sport
Linda Schiller
Admission Expert + AM Volleyball
Linda Grimminger
Athlete Manager
Katrin Ades
Athlete Manager High School
Katharina Johanna Keilich
Senior Registration Expert
Justus Meier
Men's Soccer Recruiter
Julian Berkenbusch
Admission Expert
Joschka Cürten
Athlete Manager
Jordan Aidoud
Sales Agent France + Men's Soccer Recruiter
Jonas Dieseler
Soccer Expert
Jonas Westmeyer
Head of Soccer Department
Joe Walker III
Relationship manager Track & Field
Johanna Meister
Event Manager
Jessie Maduka
Athlete Manager Track & Field
Jenny Hipp
Athlete Manager
Jannik Schulte
Athlete Manager
Jan Weinreich
Marketing and Produciton
Helena McLeod
Athlete Manager
Grant Teichmann
Recruiter Basketball
Dominic Abdel-Ahad
AMP Soccer
Frederik Schulte
Golf Expert
Dennis Metje
Head of Marketing
David Kramer
Recruiting Male Soccer
Clément Michelet
Sales Agent France + Men's Soccer Recruiter
Christian Steinhammer
Future Champs - Management and Recruiting
Britta O'Leary
Head of Aquatic & Olympic Sports, Head of High School
Chris Burn
Athlete Manager/ Placer
Carolin Bothe
Head of HR
Chaima Khammar
Recruiting female soccer
Bradley Kullmann
IT systems analyst
Belinda May
Senior Visa & Admission Expert
Björn Globke
Aaron Bienenfeld
Anthony Tomsich
Athlete Manager Track and Field
Antonia von Wnuck
Athlete Manager
Annika Schmidt
Team Lead Soccer + Athlete Manager
Anna Bommes
Recruiterin Track & Field
Alina Geck
Head of Recruiting & Team Lead Marketing
Alina Shukh
Placer and Account Manager
Evaluation des opportunités

Commencez votre voyage dès maintenant grâce à notre évaluation des opportunités sans engagement !

Commencez votre voyage dès maintenant grâce à notre évaluation des opportunités sans engagement !

Après avoir rempli le formulaire, un expert sportif vous contactera pour vous fournir une évaluation de votre bourse potentielle et toutes autres informations importantes.