Our packages

As the market leader in central europe, we offer you the most comprehensive and professional service for your journey to the USA.

At first glance, our service packages appear more expensive than the competition. If you look closely, you will see that we already include many of the external costs involved.

These include: costs for tests, your visa, various registrations and much more.
Other providers do not include these costs and often conceal these costs from you before concluding the contract.



When collaboration starts


After marketing to all relevant colleges


After choosing a university
The entry into the world of scholarship placement. The standard package is based on the service packages offered by other agencies and essentially only offers brokerage services.
Detailed services
  • Professional athlete profile + video
  • Checklist for independent processing of all steps up to
    Study place confirmation
  • Marketing at all relevant colleges
  • Assistance with communication with trainers and selection of the appropriate offer



When collaboration starts


After marketing to all relevant colleges


After choosing a university
In the All-Star package, you receive the comprehensive, holistic and sustainable support that Scholarbook stands for and has the best chance of winning a top scholarship.
Detailed services
  • Access to the video portal, participation in 7 group lessons and provision of a
    E-books to prepare for admission tests
  • Two registrations including reimbursement of language and academic costs
    Access tests
  • Translation and evaluation of all relevant certificates by certified translator
  • Free organization of university changes while studying in the USA
  • Guaranteed internship with Scholarbook after graduation
  • Guaranteed 5-year support until graduation



When collaboration starts


After marketing to all relevant colleges


After choosing a university
In the professional package, you get the real Scholarbook experience through our personal support and support in all areas.
Detailed services
  • Free participation in 2 showcases in the DACH region
  • Shooting and editing of the applicant video by professional videographers at
  • Assistance with communication with trainers and selection of the appropriate offer
  • Acceptance of registration and payment for standardized tests and with the College Sports Association
  • Registration and reimbursement of costs for a second academic attempt
    Access tests
  • Evaluation of all relevant certificates
  • Acceptance of the university application including fees by Admission Expert until confirmation of study place has been received
  • Acceptance of the visa application including fees
For showcase sports, there are additional costs for professional and all-start packages. After completing the opportunity assessment, further information will follow.
Showcase sports include soccer, tennis, field hockey and golf.

Pricing FAQs

Why do our packages include external costs?

On the one hand, it is our philosophy as a premium provider to relieve as much work and bureaucracy as possible. On the other hand, it is much more practicable, as we can thus prevent delays and problems in the process and thus guarantee a smoother process for everyone involved.
In other words: less work for you, smooth processes and an easy journey to the USA!

How high are the external costs in the standard package?

Since all work steps apart from the promotion process in the standard package are largely carried out by you athletes and your families, you will have to pay additional costs