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Frequent Questions

How often and for how long can my child come home?

The long holidays in which your child can come home are:
Summer break (summer vacation): beginning of May to mid-August
Winterbreak (winter holidays): mid-December to mid-January
In total, you will have your child close to you for around 4 months a year, which is very likely to mean more time together than studying in a faraway city in Germany. In addition, you can visit your child at any time during the year or during spring break in March or fall break in October in the USA.

What happens if my child doesn't like it at university?

Even before departure, we try to ensure that your child gets a personal impression of the trainer and that the two get along well beyond sport. In many cases, universities have also paid for the athletes to visit the USA or have personally introduced themselves in Germany. Your child can also finish their studies and return to Germany at any time for personal reasons. The contract is only binding for the university.

What can I do if my child joins the wrong team/university?

Thanks to our presence in the USA, we know most coaches personally and have already personally examined the universities and sports facilities. In this way, we can ensure that your child is very well supported in terms of sport and academia, but definitely not overwhelmed. We work in particular with universities that already have several satisfied international students.

What happens in the event of an injury? Is there professional medical help available?

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the life of a competitive athlete, but good medical care can largely prevent them or at least treat them professionally. Research in the field of sports medicine in the USA is as advanced as in any other country. Since universities have very good financial resources, they can hire several physiotherapists and doctors who are available to athletes every day. After all, it also makes no economic sense to invest so much money in athletes if they are not well cared for in the event of injuries.

Will my child continue to receive child support in the USA?

The student's place of residence is decisive for the child benefit office. Since the place of residence remains in Germany while studying in the USA, all our customers who are also entitled to child benefits in Germany continue to receive child support in the USA. Child benefits already cover a large part of the few remaining monthly costs on campus. Another formal requirement is that students must have their own apartment or room in their parents' house during their stay abroad in Germany.

Can my child still receive a half-orphan's pension in the USA?

Yes, that is easily possible. To do this, please regularly send the current enrollment certificate to the responsible clerk. The pension can be transferred to a German or an American account. With an American account, however, all transaction fees from the German border are borne by the pension recipient.

What costs that are not covered by the sports scholarship can we incur locally?

The university covers as many costs as possible. However, there are some requirements here from the college sports competition authority. For example, the university is not allowed to pay for flights to and from the USA. School books may cost locally, but many universities in the USA offer the option of buying used textbooks and selling them again at the end of the semester. Training camp and accommodation are completely covered by the university! Private activities, such as cultural events, going out in the evening or museums, must of course be taken care of by yourself. Even here, we are benefiting from the still fairly favorable Euro-Dollar exchange rate. However, pocket money of around 200 euros, corresponding to the child benefit, which continues to be paid, is recommended.

What obligations does such a scholarship entail for the athlete?

The athlete undertakes to practice the respective sport on behalf of the university and to represent it at competitions. This is also accompanied by regular participation in training. This does not involve financial obligations or other disadvantages.

Are there doping at universities in the USA?

The NCAA carries out thousands of unannounced doping checks annually. If there was a case of doping, the trainer would be suspended for life and the entire team would be suspended. Since the trainers are usually employed full-time, a case of doping in the team would therefore be absolutely threatening their existence. In addition, there are anti-doping officers at every university who try to prevent doping.

Are flight costs included in the scholarship?

Universities would love to pay for flights to the home of the athletes, but they are not allowed to do so under NCAA statutes. Flights to and from competition venues, on the other hand, are covered by the university as well as other travel expenses on site. Accommodation is usually in very nice hotels, as travel budgets are usually generous.

How do we pay the fee?

You can easily pay the scholarship book contribution and the final fee by bank transfer to our German account. If the Scholarbook contribution is refunded, we will transfer the money back to it.

Is it necessary to take out additional private health insurance here in Germany?

It is quite possible that additional health insurance must be taken out. You will find out about this from the respective universities with which we will put you in contact. Once we've reached this point together, you can get free advice from the experts at CareConcept:

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If you call Care Concept AG, please state that you work with scholarbook. This means that employees know directly what concerns they are concerned with.